Why November is a Good Time to Buy a Car

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Why November is a Good Time to Buy a Car
By: Luke Shaff ~ 11/12/2020

We always have the urge to buy new things…but we never know when we should. Typically you would want to buy something when it is out of season because it will be cheaper than when it is season. Cars are always in season though…so when is the best time you should buy a car? Here are some tips and reasons why November and December are great times to purchase a vehicle.

Car dealerships have sales quotas. As the end of the year nears, car dealerships will have a quota that they will need to meet before the end of the year. They will do what they need to do to be able to meet this quota. They are more likely to lower and negotiate the prices in order to meet this for their company.

Model Clear Outs. Car dealerships are getting in new inventory. They have new models coming on the lot that they need to BLOGPOST_CarBowRS1.jpgmake room for. As newer years and models come out, they will need to get rid of the old inventory. With this, they will be more willing to negotiate on a lower price to get the car off the lot to be able to bring in the newer cars.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Every where you go, stores and shops participate in Black Friday deals. Car dealerships are now figuring out that this is beneficial to them as well. Whether they are some new matts in for free or they are able to negotiate a lower price, this will be a time to go check out to see what you might like!

Seasonals. Even though all cars are always in season, cars are still seasonal like everything else. During the summer time more people are probably looking to buy convertibles and summer cars. During the winter time more people will want to purchase SUVs and Mid-Size Compact cars. Maybe they go up to the mountains, maybe they travel more to see family during the winter, so these cars are better for them. When looking for a car, think about what season you are in and shop around and see what deals you might be able to get. Do not settle for one dealership.
There will never be a RIGHT time to buy a car (price wise), but if you shop smart and shop during these months, and during when there are sales then you might just be able to get an amazing deal!

Happy Shopping!!