Why do we change vehicle oil?

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Why do we change vehicle oil?
By: Luke Shaff ~ 2/18/2021

BLOGPOST_OilChange_02182021.jpgOil is the blood of your engine. It keeps the internal parts of the engine moving smoothly and efficiently.

While a vehicle’s engine is running, the oil circulates throughout the engine. This helps to reduce friction and heat buildup and to increase fuel efficiency.

Engine oil can be petroleum based, fully synthetic, or a blend of both. Fully synthetic oil tends to last longer because the chemicals do not break-down as fast as petroleum-based oil. This can allow for less frequent oil changes. The vehicle manufacturer usually provides specification for when to change oil based on which type of oil is used.

Engine oil includes some cleaners that keep the engine running clean as the oil starts to pick up debris from normal engine operation. The lubrication system includes an oil filter that keeps the oil clean.

Most manufactures recommend an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Check your vehicle owner's manual (or give us a call 425 885-4333) for the optimal timing to keep the engine running smoothly.