If ALL cars were electric....

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If ALL cars were electric....
By: Luke Shaff ~ 6/3/2021

BLOGPOST_ElectricCarCharge06032021.jpgI wonder if those who believe that electric cars are our future have considered these: Snow and Traffic Jams and well, traffic jams.

If all cars were electric and were caught up in a three-hour traffic jam, the result is dead batteries. Then what? Not to mention there is virtually no heat in an electric vehicle. If you get stuck on the road all night there is no battery, no heat, no windshield wipers, no radio, because these all drain the battery.

You can try calling 911 to bring women and children to safety but they cannot come help you since the roads are blocked. Plus, by then electric police cars will be a requirement as well.

When the roads finally become unblocked no one can move because their batteries are dead. How do you charge the potential hundreds or thousands of cars in a traffic jam? (That is a business I think I'd like to look into....Drones to deliver heavy batteries and someone to remove and install).

Same problem during summer vacation departures with miles of traffic jams. There is virtually NO air conditioning in an electric vehicle since it would drain your battery too quickly. Hot temperatures, heat, traffic makes for high tempers as well.

Just some things to think about when promoting the "electric cars for all" policy.