Happy Anniversary, Jan and Luke!

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Happy Anniversary, Jan and Luke!
By: Jan Shaff ~ 1/14/2021

On January 14, 1984, two people said “I do” which put into motion a chain of events and adventures that continue today. One of the biggest adventures is, of course, owning a business!

Luke told his friends that he would marry the first woman that could backhand him off a barstool…..well guess what, that was me! Of course, there was a small amount of alcohol involved (wink, wink) and he was sitting on the edge of the stool, but hey, he took my pull tab, what did he expect? Oh, I forgot to mention, we met when I was really hungover from partying with my housemate, so he should have been forewarned.

Today, as we celebrate 37 years of marriage, I reflect on the early days of our relationship. How he drove me to a Sweet Adeline competition while I was sewing on my costume, how he spent all day waxing his 1952 Ford pickup trying to work up the nerve to propose, how scary it was to become parents the first time around, but then how much fun we had with the neighborhood parties and fireworks shows on the 4th of July. Yes, there have been some rough parts, but more parts full of love and laughter. Now, our children are grown and successful in their own rights and we have time for ourselves.

I’m ever so thankful that we found each other, that we’ve had a rich life thus far and hope that we have many more years together.

Happy Anniversary, Luke, my love.