A public safety announcement to our customers/community

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A public safety announcement to our customers/community
By: Luke Shaff ~ 2/11/2021

BLOGPOST_CatalyticConverter02112021.jpgA big warning & public service announcement to our customers/community - there is a ring of thieves in the Redmond area that are stealing catalytic converters off of cars and trucks. We have had 4 customers hit already.

Our customers/community need to be aware of where they are parking and keep their eyes peeled for someone lying under their neighbors vehicle. It's only taking about 2 minutes to steal a $1000.00 converter. Quick work with a saws-all and BOOM you're out somewhere between $1000.00 to $3200.00 dollars or more in some cases. Insurance will cover it if you have full coverage, but still a big hassle. If you don't have an car alarm, you might consider installing one.