Saving on Gas Mileage

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Saving on Gas Mileage
By: Luke Shaff ~ 7/30/2020

With the hot weather right at our finger tips and being stuck in the house from COVID-19, there are a couple of things you should know about how to save on your gas mileage before you head on your next road trip!

  • Fill your gas tank when it is halfway. Driving your car on gas that is on the lower half of the tank can do more damage to more than one thing in your car. If you fill up the gas when it is on the halfway mark, then you will always have gas and it will last longer because you will get better mileage!
  • During the hot weather, running the air conditioning makes the engine work harder and therefore uses more gas to keep the car going. It is suggested that if you are going slow, to roll down the windows and turn off the air conditioning. If you are going fast (like on a freeway), roll up the windows and use the air conditioning. This is the same concept as if you are in stop and go traffic you use more fuel than driving on a freeway. 
  • Avoid stop and go traffic. This is harder on your engine and when you are idling, you are burning 1-2 ounces of fuel each minute. Some newer cars will turn off after a certain time of idling either in traffic or at a red light and this does help save some fuel. This bring us to our next tip
  • Plan your road trip before you go! Find the most direct route and the perfect times to go. Look for construction and for roadwork and look for the best alternative routes in case of obstructions. It might be best to take a longer route, instead of sitting through construction or roadwork!
  • When taking road trips, we want to pack as many things as we can so we would not have to buy things on the way, so we can save money on food and drink. However, filling those trunks and weighing your car actually does more damage to your reducing your fuel quicker. When you add weight to the car, it increases the amount of fuel that is consumed because the engine has to work harder to carry that weight and then the car has to work harder to move. Pack as lightly as you can, and as efficiently as you can. If you MUST pack a lot of things, distribute the weight throughout the car.

You are ready for your next road trip! Come back next week to see the Top 10 Road Trips in Washington to take this summer! Enjoy your trip, be safe, and do not forget your mask!