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Fuel Tank Brackets
By: Luke Shaff ~ 1/18/2018

Fuel Tank Bracket Before
Fuel Tank Bracket After

The before/after pictures are of some fuel tank brackets we rebuilt for a 1966 ford f-250 flatbed.
The new car is a 2018 Kia Stinger GT. We do like working on the new ones as well!!


Get The Right Tires And Wheels At Luke's Automotive
By: Luke Shaff ~ 1/11/2018

CustomWheels_s.jpgA lot of people in the Bellevue area want custom wheels. When you do this yourself (over the internet . . .) you could run into trouble if you're not careful. Sometimes they just don't fit right: The tires rub in turns or over bumps. Consulting a tire professional at Luke's Automotive in Redmond can ensure you get the right fit for your vehicle. First he'll ask you a series of questions about your driving needs and what you want in your new wheels.

Now, not every wheel can go on every vehicle. Care must be taken so that tires and wheels are not too large or that the wheel is centered too far towards the outside or the inside. If you don't want to make any modifications to your vehicle, you would need to focus on a wheel and tire combination that would fit. With trucks, some Redmond people like much bigger tires so they need a suspension lift.

Also, most Redmond people don't realize that you need to keep the rolling diameter of your new tires – that's the overall height of the tire – very close to what came from the factory in order for your anti-lock brakes and stability control systems to work properly.

The vehicle computers that control these systems are calibrated to a certain size tire. When you go bigger or smaller, the computer doesn't know what changes you made so it can't tell how fast you're going. This, of course, means it sends commands to the brakes and traction control that are based on the wrong sensor information. If you go with a different rolling diameter, your vehicle vehicle control computer can be reprogrammed for the new tire size. At Luke's Automotive, we can give you information about control computer reprogramming.

Either way, there are hundreds of wheel and tire choices to choose from in Redmond. You can pick the style of wheel you want and then talk with your Redmond tire professional about how big the wheel should be – and select the right tire to meet your style, performance, ride and handling needs. The best way to do all this is to have your friendly and knowledgeable Luke's Automotive tire specialist see your vehicle in person to avoid mistakes.

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