Tips on How to Buy a Classic Car

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Tips on How to Buy a Classic Car
By: Luke Shaff ~ 8/20/2020

Everyone yearns to have a classic car; they are valuable and hard to find in 2020. A classic car is classified when it is over 20 years old, but not more than 40 years old. If a car is more than 40 years old than it is classified as a vintage car. You might be in a situation where you want a classic car, but you do not know what to look for when trying to find one, or buy one. Here are some tips:

  • Do your research. It is as simple as that. Know what kind of car you want to buy and how much work it will be to maintain it. Some classic parts for a car are easier to obtain than others. Figure out what car is right for you, look at reviews, know what you like to drive now, make sure you can drive a manual if necessary.
  • Listen to other people who own classic cars. Part of doing your research includes talking and learning from other car enthusiasts. Talk to people who have owned classic cars for years, and have a collection. You could even talk to some car shops to see if they have advice on any specific car or the one you are looking at.
  • Do not buy anything without an inspection first. This should be a standard for any car you buy, but especially classic cars. If the seller does not want you to take it for an inspection at the mechanic of your choice, then they are probably hiding something about the car. Always choose a mechanic that you trust and inspect every car that you look at buying.
  • If there is rust…RUN. Classic cars should not have rust any where on them, if they have been taken care of the way that they should be. There should also be no patch work done to the car. If there are repairs, then they should be complete. 
  • Make sure to set your pricing. Classic cars can become very expensive but you can also find great deals. You don’t want to over pay, but you do want to give the seller the money they deserve. If you do not know if the car is priced right for what you are buying, you can talk to your mechanic, other car enthusiast, and auctions that sell classic cars. All of these options should know if the investment is a good one.
  • A last piece of advice when buying a classic car, “When in doubt, walk away.” If you are ever unsure about ANYTHING about the car or the seller, just walk away and find the next thing. This could be pricing, maybe the car looks too good to be true, maybe the seller does not seem trustworthy. When in doubt, walk away. Always trust your gut instinct.

Get out there and find your perfect classic car!  Bring your classic car down to Luke's Automotive for expertise and advice prior to purchase. You can also email Luke for any questions.  He has worked on classic cars for over 25 years!