Buying a New or Used Car?

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Buying a New or Used Car?
By: Luke Shaff ~ 9/10/2020

With the pandemic and the lock down, no one has been going anywhere or spending much money. Maybe for you this means affording to be able to buy a new car! Test driving a car can be really nerve wrecking, you want to make sure you are completely sure you want that car, as once the purchase is final, it is final.

Make sure that you take one day to test drive cars. Take three things with you: your things (purse, backpack…etc), a friend or family member, and a notepad. You will want to ensure you are in the most comfortable state, even if that means bringing stuff you normally put in your car as you will want to know how it will feel every day. Bring a family member or friend so they can tell you BLOGPOST_Buyinganewcar.jpgtheir thoughts, and so they can sit in the back and give you honest feedback on how the backseat of your car is. Always bring a notepad to be able to take notes about what you do and do not like about the car. This is so important when you are coming down to making a final decision.

Bring your phone and to try to connect it to the car system. Most cars come with Bluetooth and you will want to make sure yours connects easily and how the system works. Some people buy cars thinking it will work, and then it does not pair, or they do not know how to voice call or text someone. Check to see what applications you want in the car, whether that be a GPS system, back up camera system, lane notifications…etc.

Test drive the car you want in both rain and shine. You will want to know how it feels with breaking and accelerating in different types of weather to see how you like it. Test drive other cars you are interested in as well in both the rain and shine to be able to compare how they both drive and what you like better. Practice parking at a grocery store or where you work to see how that feels, and if you like the way it parks, if it is easy.

Lastly, test drive the car that you love. Then go and test drive a car you think you might like (a different brand). Go back to the original car and drive it one more time, this will solidify if you really like your original car or if you are having second thoughts, you may want to look a little bit more and test drive more cars.

Do not forget to write notes and compare and contrast the pros and cons of each car!

Happy Car Hunting!