How to Decorate Your Car for Halloween

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How to Decorate Your Car for Halloween
By: Luke Shaff ~ 10/15/2020

We decorate our houses inside and out and we even decorate ourselves and our pets…but what about decorating your car?! Here are some fun ideas, tips and tricks to decorate your car this Halloween!

Before starting to think about what you want to do, please remember to NEVER obstruct any kind of view that might compromise being able to drive. Do not block mirrors, or back up cameras, do not cover up your back windshield, your headlights, or you tail lights. We always want everyone to be safe while trying to have fun!

Pick a theme! Do you want to decorate scary…or FUN!? Do you want to go all out or keep it simple? There are some decorations that are just peel off stickers that you can add to the back of your car…or there are some cut off limbs that you can add to hang out of your trunk! Here are some ideas to purchase or how to decorate!

Go all out if you have a car that sits in your driveway or if there is a car not working, push it to the front and decorate with skeletons and blood and limbs and cobwebs! Not only is this spooky for people passing by, but it also helps to decorate your house too! Two for one! You can find cheap, easy to put together decorations on Amazon and they can be used for years to come!

If you want to do something different for Halloween instead of passing candy out as the kids come to your door, some families are decorating the trunks of their car and passing out candy that way! You can go all out…whether you have a small trunk or a big trunk! Check out these inspirations on how to decorate your trunk this Halloween!

From everyone here at Luke’s Automotive, we wish you a Happy, Fun, Safe Halloween! Now, go get to being spooky!