She has a `Friend` that can do brakes!!

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She has a `Friend` that can do brakes!!
By: Luke Shaff ~ 3/11/2021

This is from a customer who declined the brake repair work because she had a `Friend` that can do brakes!!

So the brake work did not go so well... My friend changed the front brake pads with Toyota OEM but the brake fluid level (another shop just did brake fluid flush 2 weeks ago) was above MAX so it spurted out the top and leaked to the floor. I made sure he cleaned it up but it's still leaking a drop or so a day to the floor.  Also the brakes now squeak often when braking at low speeds... So now I need you to also figure out how to get the brake fluid to stop leaking and eliminate the squeak. Lesson learned - go with the pros next time!

BLOGPOST_DiscBrakes10032019.jpgHere are some signs that your car will show when your brakes need to be checked or replaced:

Grabbing - If you notice your brakes grabbing, it's time to get them looked at. This can be an indication of one of several different issues ranging from a leaking brake cylinder to a failed proportioning valve to the calipers sticking.

Noise - Anytime anything on your vehicle makes an odd noise, it's a reason for concern. The primary sounds to listen for when it comes to brakes are clicking, grinding and screeching. Screeching can mean the brake pads are low or dirty. Grinding brakes may indicate a caliper is sticking or the brake pads are bad. Clicking may signify that a pad is loose.

Low Pedal - A low pedal means you have to almost touch the floor with the brake pedal before it engages and slows your vehicle. This indicates you need your brakes replaced.

Hard Pedal - A hard pedal means you have to apply a great deal of pressure to the pedal before the brakes actually engage.

Pulling - If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side when braking, it's a sign you might have a bad caliper or worn out pad.

Brake Light - Make sure you look on your instrument panel to see if the brake light is on.

Vibrating Brake Pedal - When your rotors warp, it will cause your brake pedal to vibrate even if you're braking in nonhazardous driving conditions.

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