Real spring time chores!

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Real spring time chores!
By: Luke Shaff ~ 4/8/2021

BLOGPOST_SpringBBQ04082021.pngWell it's the first week in April and it's time to break out the BBQ for most folks. I for one use the BBQ year round, others retire it in the fall. Blazing heat or blowing snow, nothing tastes better than something off the old BBQ.

Once you drag it out, uncover it or brush off the dust there are several things to remember before you slap the grill with your favorite meats, pizza's or vegetables. You will need to clean that grill grate. (Aside from all the normal appearance items.)

I like to start with a good stiff brush and work both sides over as needed. Then heat the grill slightly. Cut an onion in half and start rubbing it down. If the onion gets too dirty, just slice off the face and continue. This will help break the sticky stuff down, but will also help to remove any brush bristles that came loose. Very bad things can happen if allowed to get inside your digestive tract. Wipe it down thoroughly. Once you've done that then you can take a potato and rub it down as well. The starches seem to act like a non - stick coating.

Happy cooking Folks, Luke
P.S. I'll take mine medium rare please!