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By: Luke Shaff ~ 8/27/2020

 As mentioned in the last blog post we find it so important that you get a car inspected before you buy it for several reasons. Here are examples that we have seen on why this is so important.

The pictures below resemble the vin code sticker in the door jam has been wiped with something making it no longer readable. The vin plate on the dash is out of alignment with the viewer on the window and cannot be read. Because we cannot verify the vin on this vehicle I cannot in good conscience recommend purchasing of the vehicle.

  Vin1.jpg  Vin2.jpg

The next set of pictures represent the exhaust shield which is destroyed and needs to be replaced.

Exhaust1.jpg  Exhaust2.jpg

The last picture is of the rusty rear suspension while it is not dangerous at this time there will be a problem when the vehicle needs to be aligned.


All of these are examples of why we recommend getting your car inspected by a mechanic before purchasing the car. After purchase, there could be more than what you see just on the outside, different from what the seller might be telling you.

Luke and his team are always happy to inspect any car that you bring in before purchase. Call to schedule your inspection appointment today!