It's Spring; Time for A Car Wash!

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It's Spring; Time for A Car Wash!
By: Luke Shaff ~ 3/25/2021

It's Spring Time, which means, yes a lot of rain, but also a clean car because of more sunshine!  Don't know where to get your car washed?  Here are the top places in Redmond, WA to get them washed and ready to go for the Spring Time!

Brown Bear Car Washes - These are located around Redmond, and any of them have high ratings.  These are really great car washes because of the different options they have for the washes, and they also have the self-service cleaning in case you just want a quick wash down.  Their services range from $16.00 to $1.00 (for the self-serve).

Metropolitan Detail Express - This car wash is located in the heart of downtown Redmond and they do car washes with a special soap that helps protect your paint and your car.  Just as other car washes they have different tiers that you can choose from for the intensity of how much they detail and wash your car.  The prices are not on their website, but because of the product they are using, expect it to be more on the higher side.

Rose Hill Car Wash - This is a little bit more into Kirkland (Rose Hill), but is a quick 10 minute trip from downtown Redmond.  This car wash has been in operation for a very long time, and the people are amazing.  There are car washes ranging from $9.00-$32.00.  You can even go into their little market and watch your car through, and then go through and grab a bottle of wine for when you get home!

Clean Planet Car Wash - This car wash is located in Woodinville, and is very highly rated on the East side area.  The cool thing about this car wash is that they are 24/7!  If you go between the hours of 9PM and 6AM you actually save a couple of dollars on each wash!  You can choose which car wash you do, and you sit in the car while going through!  This car wash also has a "Unlimited Car Wash" Club.  You pay a smaller fee each month and you get unlimited car washes every month.  The great thing is you are not committed into a contract, you pay monthly!

Whatever car wash you decide to go, you can count on your car getting nice and clean for the summer time!  You could even try them all this summer and decide which one you like the best!  Don't forget to write a review so other people know which one to go to as well!