`.....they went the extra mile`

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`.....they went the extra mile`
By: Luke Shaff ~ 7/2/2017

I've been taking my cars to Luke's for several years and always appreciated their quality work at a fair price and same day service on nearly everything we needed done.  In my last experience with Luke's, however, they went the extra mile.  During a timing belt replacement the hood of my Acura TL was damaged slightly and required body work.  When I let Luke know that I believed the damage occurred during the work they were performing, he immediately took responsibility and arranged to have the bodywork done.  When my car was returned to me, the hood repair looked great - couldn't even tell it had ever been damaged - and my car had been washed and vacuumed.  Luke's response was prompt and highly professional.  He was even able to arrange to have the bodywork done while I was out of town so I was never without a car.  We'll definitely continue going to Luke's for our auto maintenance and repair.

Scott D.